About Us

Project Lymph is

an effort to unite the lymphedema community with the purpose of building a sense of community amongst members and bringing awareness of the condition (and related conditions) to the general public.

Lymphedema acts as a physical burden, an aesthetic insecurity, and a barrier between lymphies and their peers. It’s often underrecognized by the medical community and underrepresented in the media.

But together, lymphies can fight for their health, their representation, and their community.

My name is Savannah Paetzel, and I am a 17-year-old girl with primary lymphedema (concentrated in my lower legs) living in Austin, Texas. I have teamed up with inspiring lymphies from all around the world to share our struggles and celebrate our individuality.

By starting a larger conversation between members of the lymphedema community, we can begin to:

  • better understand the way that these conditions affect us
  • find community within each other
  • work efficiently towards a greater common goal (e.g. finding a cure)

Through sharing even a wee piece of our journeys, I hope we can inspire others struggling with lymphedema and other lymphatic diseases to share a piece of theirs.

This could be the first step in creating a long-lasting, ambitious network of people that together act as

a platform for those who feel voiceless, a community for those who feel isolated, and a movement for all.