Browse the engaging Lymphie LARA enrichment activities and puzzles designed for young lymphies by a young lymphie!

Lymphie LARA

Meet Lymphie LARA, a superhero with lymphedema, and Easy the Havanese, her lovable pup!

Lymphie LARA was not always a superhero. She could not run and certainly could not fly, because her heavy leg weighed her down. She grew up in the land of Nil, filled with medical professionals who couldn’t understand why LARA had a heavy leg.

One day, when her leg was painful, LARA began to cry. Along came Easy, a Havanese puppy wearing a compression garment, who licked her on the cheek. Easy said, “Don’t cry LARA. I used to have a heavy leg too. You have lymphedema. Follow me and you will discover your super powers.” And so their journey together began…

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