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Largely unrecognized and wildly underrepresented, lymphedema is defined as the localized swelling of the body caused by an abnormal accumulation of lymph.

Treatment (i.e. consistent exercise, wrapping, massage, and compression) can help lymphedema patients lead more mobile, normal lives, but the condition cannot be cured permanently.

“LE&RN gives hope to people living with lymphedema and lymphatic diseases, as well as to the hundreds of millions who may benefit from this research. Never has there been more reason for hope, but the need for funding continues as advances in research are made. Every contribution, regardless of size, makes a difference and is an investment in education, research, and advocacy.”


Sign the petition to push the Lymphedema Treatment Act of 2019.

“While it has been incontrovertibly established that the progression of lymphedema and other lymphatic diseases can be halted or significantly slowed through treatment, our health care system denies access to these beneficial modalities to large numbers of affected Americans. The proper management of lymphedema, for example, is dependent primarily upon the lifelong utilization of compression garments and supplies. These durable medical goods must be replaced at least semi-annually, but they are routinely not reimbursed by third party payers, most notably Medicare. Similar barriers exist for access to highly efficacious modes of self-management, such as advanced intermittent pneumatic compression devices, despite the fact that these have been shown to both improve patient well-being and reduce utilization of medical resources and cost of care. Thus, not only do lymphatic patients struggle with their poor access to knowledgeable providers, they are often unable to utilize the resources that exist…”

– Stanley G. Rockson, MD

The American health care system continues to deny us the adequate resources to reduce our symptoms, progression, and unnecessary complications.

Until a cure has been found, we must have access to what we need to manage our conditions. Until we have access to what we need, our fight will continue.